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Online image search tool and Chrome extension that claims to locate US sex offenders in it’s database with facial recognition analysis:

This Free online safety tool uses Facial Recognition to scan photos of Potential Dates, Coaches, Teachers and more… Check them all with CreepFace instantly!

Just Right Click and Select “Scan with CreepFace” to check any online photo against 475,000 Registered Sex Offenders in the U.S.

Facial Recognition powered by FacialNetwork.com

The Creepface online search engine can be found here



Keep all the girls safe!
And stay safe girlies.

Reblog constantly!

again, i can see this being extremely useful for sex workers who perform irl sexual labour in a one on one setting

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So I found a website that had lingerie priced at $0.00 and free shipping. Imma wait and see how long it takes till I get the email refusing to fulfill it.

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Kittens Playpen Custom Order Giveaway!

You can win your choice of the following..

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Goodluck Everyone!


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one of my favorite episodes from atla was where this whole village hated avatars because they thought that kyoshi murdered this guy a long time ago and the whole gang spends the entire episode finding all this evidence that she never did it but the village doesnt believe them and it looks like aangs going to be found guilty but finally near the end her spirit appears to everyone and shes like yeah i killed that guy he was a dick

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"I’ve told the kids in the ghettos that violence won’t solve their problems, but then they ask me, and rightly so; “Why does the government use massive doses of violence to bring about the change it wants in the world?” After this I knew that I could no longer speak against the violence in the ghettos without also speaking against the violence of my government"

Martin Luther King Jr. (via loveinfamine)

The ~*real*~ Dr. King— the one white people don’t want you to know about.

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I’ve decided to start something like a swear jar but instead put in money for every time I think about saying fuck it and giving up.
I’m calling it the ‘fuck it bucket’

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Someone did it. Someone finally portrayed me perfectly in a single 6 second video.

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the message kills me every time

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duuuuude all the time


you ever in the mood to get hit by a car and spend like 1 month in the hospital